Friends of the Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum


Friends Stats:

April 15, 1989 - On this date, "Friends of MARM" was created on the same date as Life Memberships, with the fee being equivalent to the current Life Membership fee of $50.00.
Any member who is either a Founding or Life Member can become a "Friend of MARM" for the current equivalent fee of a Life Membership, current fee is $50.00 at this time.
To become a "Friend of MARM", one must be a Founding of Life Member or pay the current fee for a "In Memory of" plate on the "Friends of MARM" plaque.

November 24, 1991 - On this date a motion was presented and duly passed by the Board of Directors of The Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum Inc. to increase the Life Membership fee to $75.00, effective September 1, 1992. This action automatically elevated the fee for "Friends of MARM" to $75.00 as of September 1, 1992.
#01 Federal Government - New Horizons Program April 15, 1989 to #42 John Swanke KA0SLI, September 30, 1993, current fee at that time was $50.00, 42 members.

#43 Mort Patterson VE4ADU, October 12, 1993, current fee of $75.00 to present date.

To qualify for "Friends of MARM" distinction, one does not necessarily have to contribute a monetary sum, it can be a gift or services of not less than the value of the current fee, $75.00.

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